How to secure your wordpress website from malware?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system. Initially it was used only for blogs, however these days, the wordpress is being used to create wide range of websites. The availability of wide range of themes and plugins (and their low cost) has added to the popularity of the wordpress.

Actually, the themes and plugins which makes wordpress a good choice, also leads to one of the biggest problem on wordpress platform and that is MALWARE. There are many plugins and themes which are not secure enough to evade even the simplest of malware attacks. Secondly, its wide use attract hackers. Discovery of single vulnerability in any widely used theme / plugin or wordpress core can lead to the hacking of millions of websites!

So in this situation, what can be done to prevent malware attacks on your website or how to make your website strong enough to withstand the malware attacks. I will be discussing some of such methods which can help you secure your wordpress website.

Choose Your wordpress theme wisely:

Choose the right plugins for your website:–wp-34921

Keep WordPress Version Latest:

Update your theme & plugins:

Free and un-supported wordpress plugin may lead to security holes in your website. Avoid using plugins with bad ratings. Also use plugins only if you are 100% sure you need them.

Install Security Plugins:

Instead of doing each small (but important) security action manually, there are many plugins available these days, which allow you to undertake these security actions with utmost ease and secure you from most of the malware attacks.

Some of these plugins are given below:

iThemes Security Plugin (FREE)

Bulletproof Security Plugin (FREE + Pro version)

All in one WP security Plugin

Sucuri Website Firewall (Paid)

Regular Backups:

One of the most important thing to take care of. Must take regular file and database backups. Store them at the third party storage. Also, you should be able to restore from the backup quickly and easily.

Find more information about wordpress security here:

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