Forwarded Emails (From Hostgator) Are not Delivered to Gmail

We have recently advised one of our client to buy VPS hosting from Hostgator, as many of our previous clients have used the hostgator successfully for VPS hosting. The client bought the hosting but faced many issues. But the biggest problem was not getting the response to tickets. Anyway, let’s get to the specific issue quickly.

The client had set up the emails forwards (on hostgator hosted emails) to the gmail email account. So the issues was:
Not all forwarded emails  (email hosted on hostgator for hosted domains) were getting delivered to the forwarded gmail email address. Mainly automatic emails from websites and many other emails were not forwarded (although they were received in the hostgator hosted email address.).

It was found that the email address were being forwarded to the gmail but gmail was rejecting the emails thinking they were spam.

Instead of forwarding the email address, we advised the client to configure email account import in gmail, which solved the problem.

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